The only desktop seamer that gives the longest shelf time for your beer.

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Can detector

The second‑generation miniCannery delivers something exceptional. You can swap between can formats within the blink of an eye by placing a new format into miniCannery. And size is detected intuitively, with a simple tap on a button. All packed into a modern heavy industrial look and feel.

CO2 purge

The second‑generation miniCannery starts pouring CO2 when you place the can on the right side of your miniCannery. It also stops automatically when you move away the can from your machine. And you can pour the CO2 as long as you like. Magic, right? It’s actually magnets, but we’ll take it.

Cans delivery

miniCannery & canCloud are the ultimate tools for a modern taproom — a special combination that makes sure you never run out of cans. If your stock of empty cans runs low, the new batch has just arrived to top up. Pretty neat, ah? We believe this is the way true leaders work. *Currently service active in Sweden & the Baltics, more coming soon.


We want to make sure your miniCannery can take whatever the world dishes out. Heat-treated seaming rolls, stainless steel body, bolted joints, we even let hit the ground from 1-metre height. And that’s just the beginning.

If you can

Dream it. Seam it.

miniCannery set the standard for how pouring, seaming, and sharing the draught beer should feel – intuitive, precise, and magical. The second‑generation miniCannery takes that experience even further. CO2 pre-purge with a simple move, no can format limits, precise seaming quality and consumption-based cans delivery by a single press on the button. Go ahead, share your cans with all the hearts and souls you love.

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CO2 connection


Compressed Air

Can & lid format

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