Cannery Pro

No, that’s not a typo.

Pro is ready to turn your biggest ideas into your greatest cans.

So we created one Pro just for you.

Built for the Professionals

The vision behind Cannery has never wavered: transform the canning experience by fitting powerful, easy-to-use technology into an elegant, all-in-one design. The new Cannery Pro takes that idea to the next level – giving you even more amazing functionality. Cannery Pro is packed with the latest sensor technology, intelligent AI, and phenomenal canCloud. All coming to life on the brightest, most vibrant machine we have ever made. It’s the total package – can it up.

Do you want to

Take advantage of the platform.

Obviously, all well-known canning machine functions are automated – purge & fill station, can lid placement, seamer station. Beyond static automation, Pro is so intelligent to alert if anything goes out of sync.

Cannery advanced technologies give you the power to do things that have never been done before. With tools like canCloud and canCare, any brewer can deliver amazing results that shape the future.

Focus on design. The best machines need a look and feel that’s worthy of their capabilities. You and your crew can use simple, intuitive design to make canning session as simple as a sip from the can.

Up to 44 cpm

Temperature & pressure control

Environment monitoring

Weight detector

Waterproof for full sanitisation


canCloud forever changing the way you experience filling job. It turns your brewery into a smart factory, providing a seamless experience across your back-office or value streams. So your everyday tasks are easier than ever.


Life happens — sometimes to your machine. If it needs service, you can depend on Cannery technicians to repair it with the same precision and care that it was built with. Have peace of mind, add canCare by extending the warranty to 3 years.


Pro is a breakthrough canning machine that uses many modules to control process throughout your canning session. Together with DePally, UV-Rinser and Labeller, it creates an entirely new way of working within your brewery.


Convenient built-in controls appear on powerful Control Center screen — so you can easily adjust the filling volume for every single filler and tens of other parameters. Automatic CO2 purge before filling and lid displacement is in perfect sync to reduce oxidation.

Tech Specs



Deck height


Compressed Air


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