How Cannery kicked the door in France fair

The Salon du Brasseur is the benchmark technical fair for beer professionals and amateur brewers, which took place on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 October. It aims to offer professionals, future professionals and amateurs passionate about brewing a showcase of products and materials available for this activity. This year, meet the 155 exhibitors present at the show, from all sectors!” – this was the advertisement that Hans saw in a beer magazine while he was in France. He did not see any other option than to take part in it. 5 days until the fair, it was not a problem for him. HE DID IT, organizing the cannery machine (Cannery Standard with 4 fillers), his crew and a couple of beer barrels and let the show begin!

Kicking the door part

Being in a supercool busy-bee vibe surrounded by people with the same interest, where you can get some innovative ideas, at the same time introduce your ideas and machine experience is top of all. Hans from Cannery said that they did not expect to do so surprisingly well, selling their 4 machines, just in one fair.

So, Why did it go so well? The reason for that are Cannery machines that are designed with nature in mind. It is important that machines are built with minimal material consumption. To can 6 cans with the weight of 60 grams you really do not need a machine that is weighing about 500 kg to 1 ton to do that. Cannery machine weighs 95 kg, which is built in a smart, simple and straightforward way. In Cannery we are thinking of a way LESS IS MORE! The machines have to be simple, and understandable to EVERYBODY!

Secondly, what makes Cannery different from their competitors, is that they know ALL about the canning process. They just do not build the machines, but they have been in real life in the shoes of brewery owners, so they know every detail about the life cycle of the canning process.


New trends new ways

Cans are here to stay! Especially for the younger generation, if you, as a brewery want to satisfy them…PUT IT IN A CAN! Can is ecological and the world is moving pretty fast towards friendlier ecology.

NEW COOL TREND 1. Nomad Testers, which allows you to test quickly and easily for the presence and quantity of microbes in your craft drink processes, without needing special equipment or specialist skills, which allows you to act before problems become an issue. IT gives an opportunity to discover pragmatic solutions for monitoring and preventing microbial contamination like bacterial contamination in beer etc. 

NEW COOL TREND 2. The ​“brewed” furniture. Brewer’s spent grain is the solid residue left after the processing of germinated and dried cereal grains. Brewers have always made use of this grain, either as animal feed or transforming it into biogas (methane) through fermentation. Now furniture makers see huge potential in this original material, forming the basis for a piece of furniture ! As it dries, the grain fiber becomes very strong. The material is also unique in that it has already been brewed, with its sugar content forming a natural binder. This allows the use of only 2% recyclable glue to create ​“brewed” furniture.


What is the plan?

From the fair, the Cannery crew got so much inspiration and motivation to conquer the world. Hans now is putting together next year’s fair calendar and he will expect to see you all guys in Germany, France, Sweden, Poland and Netherlands. Basically Cannery got addicted to fairs, and with enjoyment want to introduce each one of you the new ideas, machines, suitability and canning! Let’s meet!